Consulting Services


Inferz offers a range of consulting and interim options: From strategic planning; the use of technology to grow your business; managing vendor / investor relationships on your behalf; through to enterprise, programme, project, product or solution consulting.

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) consulting is strategically aimed at assisting businesses in coordinating their strategic technology plan with the general strategic plan of the company. Alternately, the CTO function is aimed at assisting companies in the design, implementation, measurement, and maintenance of all aspects of their IT systems. Our interim CTOs ensure that all IT systems function at maximum accuracy and performance. Inferz provides CTO services whenever you find yourself in need. 

Interim CTO / Technology Consulting


Our Interim CTO consultants operate with global corporate boards through to nimble founding start-ups.


The large technology enterprise or standard start-up uses a lot of different technologies to bring their product and services to market. These range from cloud/SaaS to mobile, machine learning to search technologies, big data to deep knowledge, service orientated to knowledge orientated architectures, enterprise infrastructure to enterprise applications.


We have the technical, business and enterprise expertise to work to further the aspirations of our clients.

Big data & Machine learning Consulting


Our Interim specialist consultants can assist you to transform vast amounts of data into actionable intelligence, improving your operations and business decisions across functional areas.


  • Behaviour discovery, Knowledge trawling and Data-mining: Find the value hidden in your data and discovering behaviours / knowledge from the full stack web to proactively apply to your business. This includes sophisticated techniques such as hyper attribution, data fusion, fuzzy learning and fuzzy reasoning.

  • Soft machine learning: Computer systems that learn from billions of hyper attributed observations or from sophisticated expert examples. Inferz works with a wide range of techniques, and will recommend which to use and how to apply it.

  • Soft reasoning: combining machine discovered knowledge and human intuition. Inferring and justifying the solution of your most complex problems using sophisticated reasoning engines.

  • Soft computing based constraint optimisation and satisfaction: enabling computers to gracefully surmise optimal solutions.

  • Soft machine learned behavioural modelling: enacting discovery based soft systems models, Inferz can help you manage risk and reduce uncertainty by ‘decomplexing’ your multifarious system behaviours.

  • Soft Ontological modelling and Natural Language Processing (NLP): Enabling systems that understand the subtlety of language based reasoning within an approachable evolving model of the customers’ world, leading to natural effective control of complexity.

  • Fuzzy logical modelling: Fuzzy inference using fuzzy rule and fuzzy cluster based systems for business processes and systems behaviour management.


AI Consulting



Our interim specialist consultants provide an A.I. focused consultancy offering to enhance your strategic research and developments. We provide insights and solutions using applied artificial intelligence to kick start and support your product, systems or service portfolio. We specialise in the following technical domains:


  • Planning / Scheduling / Timetabling

  • Logistics & transport

  • Prediction / forecasting and data-driven insights

  • Design & critique

  • Decision optimization

  • Enterprise modelling & simulation

  • Business functional modelling & simulation

  • Criminality and fraud

  • Security and military

  • Command and control


By creatively applying these advanced techniques and technologies, Inferz aims to provide the best approach to your problem. Our solutions are bold, high quality and high value. 


Inferz CTO consultants work with a range of customer stakeholders:


  • Existing CTO or VP to solve problems, create processes, move projects forward and remove blockages.

  • Senior management to create or turnaround a technology organization including helping to attract permanent technology leaders or transform their technology / application platforms.

  • Senior management to prepare for technical due diligence meetings with potential investors.

  • Investors to evaluate and support the technology organizations of their existing or potential portfolio companies.


Inferz CTO consultants provide: 


  • Key insight into technologies and systems with regards to current and future industry and market conditions.

  • Identifies specific risks associated with the technologies and technology processes.

  • Assesses the quality and operational capacity of technology assets and company personnel.

  • Assesses compliance to industry “best practices”, standards or customer provided metrics.

  • Identifies deficient technologies or processes.

  • Assesses the efficacy and completeness of records and documented procedures.

  • Assesses the quality and technical depth and breadth of the technical management and staff.

  • Assists the client with understanding the findings and recommendations and determine how to address the gaps in the processes and technologies.


Inferz provides general CTO services and specialist technology based consulting from Cloud/SaaS to Big Data / Deep knowledge / AI. Our consultants have worked with organisations of all sizes. We can move conventional IT solutions towards cutting edge solutions through the application of advanced computing / AI techniques and an extensive knowledge of future technological trends.


Inferz specialist consultancy services are based on scientific methods - giving answers you can trust. Our innovative approach draws on artificial intelligence, soft computing, advanced statistics and mathematics to improve decision making, increase efficiency, optimise solutions, de-risk change and shape forward strategy.


Inferz can advise on emerging technology and the potential benefits for your business. Our consultants are experienced developers, who can help you understand what is possible, what is valuable, and then assist the development of any software components you need. Our mission is to enhance our clients' decision making processes - and their long term profitability and effectiveness. We provide analysis, advice, tools, techniques and methodologies that give structured and repeatable access to the many - and often conflicting - sources of operational data and knowledge.


In addition to our directly customer-driven work, Inferz has carried out a set of unique and systematic research projects in general artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, automated reasoning and other areas. The results of this R&D have furnished our customers with strategic systems and pragmatic product solutions.


Inferz can provide complete solutions, taking a project from initial requirements, through design and architecture to deployment and support. We will work with your existing IT infrastructure to deliver solutions that meet your needs.


We aim to enable our clients, so we won't blind you with science or endless graphs. We'll work with you to develop mutual understanding and deliver results in the form that makes most sense to you. We can answer specific questions in stand-alone reports, or provide continuously updated insight, or work with your teams to implement ‘fit for purpose’ solutions / services / applications / products.


Our services are tailored to your requirements and budget. However we engage with you, we are committed to excellence, openness, flexibility and value for money. We will work with you to identify the techniques and technologies best suited to a problem. However for the technically minded, we have particular expertise as defined below.


Call us today: we’ll be happy to help you.