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Inferz offers a range of consulting and interim options: From strategic planning; the use of technology to grow your business; managing vendor / investor relationships on your behalf; through to enterprise, programme, project, product or solution consulting.



Machine Learning & Big data

Advisory and development services


Your company and people can engage with our community of experts to leverage problem / solution needs:


  • A use-case approach to identify the ramifications to your business intelligence and analytics systems, assess your current environment, and document the impact on it from Big Data. 

  • We can help you identify an expert who is vendor-neutral to develop the right Big Data architecture and roadmap to support your business goals. 

  • You can choose from individuals and consulting firms to help you prioritize and plan the implementation of Big Data solutions while considering business impact, existing data, technology and skills. 

  • Centred on understanding your internal business segment (stakeholders).


Your company and people can engage with our community of experts to work with the customer using specialist technologies, methodologies or techniques:


  • Inferz big data and machine learning specialties: 

    • Soft computing: fuzzy knowledge discovery, fuzzy reasoning and fuzzy solution and optimisation technologies.

    • Hyper-attribution.

    • Time series analysis and spatial analysis.

    • Predictive modelling and Predictive Analytics.

    • Machine Learning – fuzzy, neural, evolutionary, non-linear, and others.

    • Decision support – fuzzy, Bayesian, rule based and case based.

    • Deep learning – ontology driven learning, soft learning and unsupervised learning.

    • Natural language processing – lexical, ranking, memberships, etc.

    • Language based reasoning.

    • Social network, internet, intranet, extranet and dark web analysis.

    • Algorithm development.

    • Computational discovery: highly advanced mathematical and statistical modelling, data mining, text mining, NLP, machine learning, modern search engine, relevance - emotion - sentiment analytics, etc.


  • Uses predictive modelling, statistics, Machine Learning, Data Mining, and other data analysis techniques to collect, explore, and extract insights from structured and unstructured data. Develop software, algorithms and applications to apply mathematics to data, perform large scale experimentation and build data driven apps to translate data into intelligence, solve a variety of business problems and enable business strategy. Assists business with casual inferences & observations with finding patterns, relationships in data/information.

  • Typically requires expertise in many technologies:

    • Non-relational & relational database structures, research methods, machine learning, Cloud based technologies, etc.

    • Big Data technologies (i.e. Inferz, NoSQL, Hadoop, HBase, Lucene/Solr, etc.).

    • Analytics packages (i.e. R, Mahout, Matlab, Octave, Weka, etc.).

    • Scripting languages (i.e. JavaScript, Python, Perl, etc.).

    • Traditional programing languages (i.e. c#, Java, c/c++, SQL, etc.).

    • AI programming languages (e.g. Prolog, Lisp, etc.).


  • In addition to the coming of age of analytics and machine learning, there is a massive storm of big data tools like MapReduce, NoSQL, Hadoop, Cassandra, and their cousins and brothers; it’s difficult to understand the stack you need to make your data as useful as possible. How do you decide which tools to use, and once you do decide, how do you make the jump? Well, you have come to the right place. Post your project on our platform, and we will help you identify highly qualified resources for your big data strategy and implementation.


Our community of big data providers consists of people with wide a range of professional and academic backgrounds: 


  • Data Engineers.

  • Data Scientists.

  • Data Mining Experts.

  • Data Analyst/Modellers.

  • Knowledge Engineers / Ontology modellers.

  • Big Data Solutions Architects.

  • Visualization Designers.

  • Statisticians.

  • Applied Physicists.

  • Applied taxonomists / Geologists.

  • Mathematicians.

  • AI / Machine learning experts.

  • Computational linguistics.

  • Econometricians and Bioinformaticians. 


Our community typically possesses advanced degree in Computer Science, AI, Mathematics, Machine Learning, Operation Research, Statistics or equivalent expertise.


Our data experts deploy advanced analytical tools and techniques coupled with deep domain knowledge:


  • Experience and creative thinking to solve complex business problems.

  • Utilising the appropriate technology, platform.

  • Whether it is minimizing risk, simplifying supply chains or innovating and identifying new channels of growth and profitability.


Cross industry analytics, big data, knowledge discovery services are in many domains – see Inferz domains.


FastTrack provisioning


Inferz provides training, prototyping and full system development services using our proprietary software services. This is provided by Inferz staff and partners. It is uniquely equipped to provision services to handle the complex, big data sets which are common in today's world.


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