Technology laboratory for Enterprise Artificial Intelligence

Inferz is an independent AI Technology Laboratory.  


We develop new forms of algorithms which overcome some limitations of today’s AI by unifying symbolic and non-symbolic approached to solving problems or synthesising solutions. 

We focus particularly in the arena of complex real world problems involving multiple facets of uncertainty inherent in the real world.

Inferz’s principals each have four decades practical experience of working with a wide range of AI techniques to deliver a broad spectrum of business benefits.


We are supported by a network of associates drawn from academia and business who are thought leaders and innovators in the application of AI to complex systems.



We apply advanced AI techniques to complex real world problems. Our work is underpinned by four decades of practical experience. We sell our implemented Intellectual Property to a variety of platform providers. 

Inferz’s focus is to unify machine learning, machine reasoning and machine based language understanding - intelligently deal with an uncertain and dynamic world. By focusing on unifying soft computing's symbolic and non-symbolic approaches our unique blend of technologies enables our methods to reason in a world of partial truths.


Uncertainty Tolerance

Algorithms that are able to intelligently handle complex real world situations involving significant imprecision, ubiquity and breadth of varied uncertainties (e.g. human behaviour, forecasting, logistics, prediction)

Cognition not just Recognition

In contrast to many of today’s machine learning algorithms which are focused on just recognition, Inferz is focused on human-like cognition capable of reason under uncertainty. Inferz technology is capable of both pattern based recognition / perception and language / knowledge based inference (representational cognition).

Explainability and Justification

Inferz’s algorithms are fully justifiable (it is clear exactly why each conclusion is reached). As so are of particular interest in fields such as medicine, engineering and law, where auditability is required for practical or regulatory reasons

Inferz’s proprietary methodologies and technologies open the new world of Unified Soft Computing

Our aim is to build algorithms and knowledge bases characterised by: