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Inferz offers a range of consulting and interim options: From strategic planning; the use of technology to grow your business; managing vendor / investor relationships on your behalf; through to enterprise, programme, project, product or solution consulting.



CTO / Technology (Startup to SMB)

For general details please refer to the CTO services section.


The main constituents that the CTO serves for the start-up and SMB: Listed below are some of the key responsibilities towards each of these constituents, their selection and extent depends on the assignment.


Each assignment should define the appropriate subset and additional responsibilities.


1-7] Selected subset of the CTO services section (SMB) constituents.

8] Early coverage of evolving allied roles:


  • First developer.

  • First Technical Architecture.

  • First company strategies and architect.

  • CIO (Chief Information Officer) and CSO (Chief Science Officer) reporting to the CEO.

  • Primarily concerned with long-term and "big picture" issues, while still having deep technical knowledge of the relevant field (Cloud, Cloud platforms (IaaS/PaaS/SaaS/BES), Big data, Mobile, IoT, etc.) focussing on quick win tactical issues.

  • R&D and vice president of engineering whom the CTO initiates and then interacts with or oversees.

  • Working with regards  regulatory (e.g. U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Environmental Protection Agency, Consumer Product Safety Commission, as applicable) and intellectual property (IP) issues (e.g. patents, trade secrets, license contracts).

  • Interface with legal counsel to incorporate those considerations into strategic planning and inter-company negotiations.


9] Evolving pragmatic practices in lean start up - make sure the company's technology strategy serves its business strategy in the following:


  • Platform selection and technical design.

  • Seeing the big picture in graphic detail - see the macro and micro simultaneously.

  • Provide options – the art and technology of the possible- find options and can communicate them to everyone in the company. 

  • Find the 80/20 – finding a way to get 80% of the benefit for 20% of the cost. 

  • Grow technical leaders - designating some engineers as "Technical Leads" and delegating to them the work of guiding the technical direction of more and more projects. 

  • Own the development methodology – to realise the big picture.


10] Entrepreneurial / intrapreneurial


  • In more traditional industries an executive role of the CTO would often arise out of the process of automating existing activities, to develop truly novel technologies (either for facilitating internal operations or for enhancing products/services being provided).

  • Consulting on new company or corporate structures to take advantage of rapid change to the side or outside the current organisation.


General experience


  • Experienced with the technologies, techniques, methodologies of the client organisation.

  • Relevant experience of the domain / sector / application of the client organisation.

  • Relevant experience within a technical and/or sales, pre-sales capacity.

  • Executive experience with vision, credibility, leadership skills and charisma.

  • Excellent public speaking skills/experience.

  • Experience in developing Partner and Analyst strategy.

  • Excellent writing skills for developing market collateral, articles and social media blogs.


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