We apply advanced AI techniques to complex real world problems. Our work is underpinned by four decades of practical experience backed up by Inferz’s proprietary methodologies and technologies

We help our clients by:

  • advising on how to exploit AI

  • program managing AI deployments

  • augmenting commodity AI with specialist technologies.

Typical engagements include one or more of the following:

  • prediction & forecasting

  • planning & scheduling

  • logistical optimisation

  • knowledge discovery

  • complex analytics

  • decision or solution optimisation

  • behaviour discovery & influencing

  • enterprise intelligence modelling

Inferz’s consultants are experienced in implementing a wide range of AI techniques in multiple sectors such as finance, technology, telecoms, utilities and defence delivering many business benefits including operational efficiencies and revenue-driving insights.

Examples of AI fields where Inferz has particular expertise include:

  • machine learning and machine reasoning with high degree of tolerance for imprecision, uncertainty and partial truth

  • advanced natural language processing

  • knowledge driven applications

  • explainable AI (unlike black-box AI, it is clear why each solution or decision is reached ) 

Inferz specialises in Enterprise Artificial Intelligence.

To contact Inferz please send an email to enquiry@inferz.com

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Inferz and its network of associates drawn from academia and business are thought leaders and innovators in AI and complex systems.